vrijdag 7 augustus 2020

woensdag 6 maart 2019

Winter in the garden

Winter Aster "flowers".

The beautiful flowers of Helleborus orientalis.

Miss all the flowers in the garden, wish it was spring.
But the winter flowers, like Helleborus are beautiful. Also the seed of Aster and especially Hollyhock are wonderful.

I added this photo, below, earlier in another post but it belongs at this post too :-)

vrijdag 1 maart 2019

Spring inside the house

The Grape Hyacinth are not yet flowering in the garden, we have to wait for a couple of weeks. 
But inside my home the little blue flowers are blooming, so gorgeous. Spring !

zaterdag 23 februari 2019

Helleborus and Crocus

And again this weekend will be a warm and sunny february weekend. 
Of course I love the sun and beautiful weather but I'm so worried about our climate, about the climate change. 

The flowers of the Helleborus are so beautiful, I have a few plants in the garden.
This is a Helleborus purpurascens, with dark purple petals.

At first there were only yellow Crocuses in the garden but now I saw some purple ones.

zondag 17 februari 2019

Another sunny warm February day

Love tulips. This is a tulip from a bouquet, photographed with my macro lens.

Today another wonderful sunny day, feels like spring.

Crocus, flowering in the garden.

Observation: We saw a European Greenfinch (Groenling) in the garden. It is the first Greenfinch we saw this winter in the garden.

woensdag 13 februari 2019

First "spring like" day

Yesterday there was sun !!! after days of dark clouds and rain. It felt a bit like spring !
It was the first time, after months, that I went out in the garden with my camera and telelens to photograph flowers. 
That are one of the most beautiful photography moments for me. To be so close to the flowers, to nature.

The Crocus flowers are opening in the sun.

Helleborus purpurascens is also flowering. Love the deep purple color of the petals.

zondag 10 februari 2019

Snow at the start of February

At the end of January, 31 January, we had snow !! At at the start of February too.
Snow is not so very common anymore in the winter in our country so I thought I have to make a post with some snow photos.

zaterdag 9 februari 2019

Spring memories

Spring memories in the garden. Love these plants, Geum. The flowers are wonderful, so very delicate and they are great photography objects. 
Can't wait to see them flowering again in the garden in spring.

vrijdag 8 februari 2019

Lovely garden birds

Love to photograph birds but my new telelens is not long enough, it is only 250 mm.
These photos are made with my old Tamron lens 300mm, but it is not working anymore.
I photographed the Robin and Bluetit (a real acrobat) in our garden about a year ago with the Tamron lens.

woensdag 30 januari 2019

Rose macro

I'm fascinated by flowers, and photographing flowers, macro photography, is the kind of photography I like the most. Not very very close macro photography but like the photos above.

Because there are no flowers in the garden :-) I bought some roses to photograph.
Always a struggle to find a nice background.
Also a chalenge to find the right aperture, to get a nice balance between the flower and the blurred background.